Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco

As some of you know, tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream aren't the easiest to get. They basically sell out in 0.872 seconds, which of course made the desire for me to get them, well, all the more desirable! I had set an alarm in my phone for when they went on sale and was determined to get these tics for myself my kiddos! Of course the alarm went off while I was at the gym, on the stair machine. I got in and got in the que and patiently waited for my turn to purchase these sweet tickets. I vowed not to get of the stair machine until I had my tics in fear of losing my connection or who knows what in cyber connectivity world. So I stayed there, and climbed stairs, listened to my music and made sure my screen was still on and that little wheel kept spinning. The good part - 900 something calories later, I had my tickets for a day that my husband could go with us! The not so good part - I was pretty sore the next day lol!
So long story short, we got the tickets!!! We made our way into SF and got to visit such a fun place that served up some deliciously sweet treats. The kids absolutely loved it, and I loved all the photo ops. Definitely something to check off your bucket list! Landon's highlight was all the special treats, Odessa's was the unicorn and Little Billy's was any piece of sweetness we would give him!

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