Pink or Blue? We'll find out soon! Coming Spring 2016!

Yes, another football and holiday season where I will remain cocktail-less, feeling a little dejavu. We are extremely excited that we will be adding a sweet bundle to our family this coming Spring!!

Our family has been busy as ever with one thing or another. Landon started preschool and is loving every. minute. of. it. - like throws tantrums when I pick him up, doesn’t want to leave school, loving it. Which I guess is better than the kids holding the fence begging you not to leave ;). Odessa is doing wonderfully (I promise I will do her update on the 16th!). She hasn't started crawling just yet but is a champ at army crawling, manages to get anywhere and everywhere she wants and is eating more and more solids. Billy has been working, a lot, and I have been busy with the kids and all the other gazillion projects I keep myself busy with.

Hoping that second trimester energy surge happens soon (the allowance of one cup of caffeine a day blows!!) and looking forward to all things fall (weather, especially the weather) with my little family!

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