39 Weeks!

Into the 39th week! This is now the second pregnancy where I have been told to take it easy earlier in the pregnancy and then when the time comes to pick up activity there's nothing too exciting going on. Feeling good but also tired and really ready to not be pregnant anymore. Fortunately I know the end  is very near and we'll be holding our baby girl in no time. In the mean time I am savoring each and every moment with this little guy as the days of him being my only baby are few :)

How far along? 39w3d

Weight gain: 16lbs

Sleep: Still not sleeping - between contractions, getting up to use the bathroom and just being downright uncomfortable I don't remember the last good night of sleep I've had :(

Maternity clothes: Yes

Best moment this week: Everything is done! Hair, mani/pedi, house is clean and organized, baby girls nursery is beyond precious and we officially have every little thing I can think of that we need (and probably more!).

Movement: She's still managing to move around but it's definitely cramped quarters in there. I'm betting she's going to weigh more than her brother did ;)

Food cravings: None

Anything making you queasy or sick? Still have good days and bad. Was REALLY sick the other night but as usual I woke up feeling okay in the morning.

Labor signs: Yes and lots! A couple of nights ago I had contractions every 5 min that were lasting a min plus... they actually got down to about 3.5 min apart but they were not intense. I'll get intense contractions but then just when I think they are worth timing they go back to being uncomfortable and not intense. Totally different than with Landon as I never felt any labor pains. I can not believe how different these pregnancies have been.

Stretch marks: Still can't find one :)

Belly button: Flatish

Happy or Moody? Ready to have a baby!

Looking forward to: Meeting this sweet girl!