Odessa Turns 1 in a Winter ONE-derland!

Yesterday baby girl turned O.N.E. I am in total disbelief as I'm pretty sure I was bringing her home from the hospital only a few short months ago. This last year has flown by and time shows no signs of slowing down. Yesterday we invited our friends and family over to celebrate our girl in a "Winter ONE-derland" themed party. There was lots of white and pink and lots of sweet details. Odessa was definitely the princess and had everyone in awe with how sweet she is. I had so much fun planning and prepping for her day! Thank you to everyone that helped with putting the party together and everyone who came that made her day oh so special!

At twelve months Odessa is eating pretty much anything you give her. She has four teeth. She says hello, bye-bye, night-night, high five, all done, mama, dada and a handful of other words that you can barely make out. She is pulling herself up on everything, rearranging any furniture that she can push around. She loves to laugh and giggle and has the most infectious smile. She's an ahhhmazing sleeper! And is overall just a happy, healthy and easy going baby (errr little girl)! 

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