Catching up...

Well it is here!! I woke up this morning, ran down stairs and put on College Game Day! Finally, a football season that I can wake up and start my day with a Bloody Mary, prep a delicious meal that will cook all day, while watching game after game. I almost forgot how much I loved this season. Although I know it is not officially here (the date and the weather remind me), I am soooooo beyond happy that fall just about here! To know the holidays are right around the corner makes me the happiest! I can't wait to dress these littles up for Halloween (I may or may not have already purchased their Halloween jammies!) and of course can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Landon is back in school and loving it. He is so excited to go to school and is learning so much - most impressive to me is his Spanish. Everyday when he wakes up he asks if it's a "school day" and basically counts down the hours till it is one.

Odessa is doing great! We are about to start a toddler tumbling class as this girl loves to flip, jump and everything else that makes my heart skip a beat. I am finally feeling like taking on all these different schedules won't be so bad. William isn't nursing every five minutes anymore which makes getting out so much easier. He's pretty happy hanging out in the stroller watching the world go by and never complains when I wear him.

I'm feeling pretty confident in this "family of five" gig lately. There are definitely days that are harder than others but I love this little family of mine!

Bring on the cold weather, sweater & boots, yummy cooking and cocktails!