Landon Turns Four

Wait. What? How is my baby, the one that made me a mommy, FOUR?!?! Can I just take a minute (or ten) and cry right now?? I'm not going to even say that time flys anymore because it doesn't just fly... it goes by at a warp speed that is just too fast for this mamas heart.
Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on too much, not doing enough with my kids. There are days where I CAN NOT WAIT until its bedtime. But then as I crawl into my bed I feel like we didn't do enough that day. I should have taken them "there", or spent more time doing "that." There are so many days that push me to my limits. But it's pretty amazing how a few sweet moments, like an out of no where "I love you mom" or a "thank you for making dinner mom" seem to make all those hard moments disappear and recharge you for what's next. It's hard to describe the whole motherhood gig without sounding bipolar or something. But it's magical and I think I'm starting to get it.

Okay okay enough about how I'm dealing with it all... now to catch you up on this little dude!

He is four! He can push every button I have but then will come give me a random hug when I need it the most, and somehow he knows when that is. He is ridiculously smart. He knows quite a bit of spanish - he'll just randomly count to 20 and listening to a four year old say "uno, dos, tres," ect might be the cutest thing ever! He loves books and loves to "read." He loves projects. He loves to build things, solve things. His imagination is sublime. He loves Blaze (hence the theme of his Birthday Party) and Paw Patrol. He recently started loving the pool. He always wants to help - with everything. And probably my most favorite thing about him is what a good brother he is. He loves his brother and sister. His relationship with Odessa is probably the most precious thing I could have ever dreamed of. Sure they have their squabbles, issues with sharing, ect. But when it comes down to watching over her, protecting her from the "big kids" on the playground - he is right there by her side. Watching the bond those two share might be my favorite thing about motherhood so far.