Miss O is 18 Months

Last but not least, in that one week that all my kids hit milestones, my sweet little girl turned 18 months.

I could go on forever about this little girl. She is at the age where you really really get to know what kind of personality they're going to have. This little girl is stubborn as all get out (no idea where she gets that from). She is set in her ways and there is no persuading her otherwise, except for maybe with food. She is becoming a total girly girl. She LOVES accessories. Bows, sunglasses and necklaces. As I write this I am thinking I need to get this girl a purse! She is beyond sweet when she wants to be. Kisses, hugs, cuddling and being so attentive to her brothers. She is the first to point something out if it is out of the norm. A door left open, a cupboard left unlocked is ran too followed by many "oh-oh's!" She is letting go of me more and more. I am so grateful for this as it truly makes my life easier but I honestly miss being her person and not just her person, but her only person. She loves her daddy! He leaves for work while she is still sleeping and when we go back into our room she goes to his side of the bed and says "dada?" She's also really good about going around the house and finding things that belong to her daddy then brings them to me screaming "daddddyyyyyy!" She adores both of her brothers. Landon is truly her best friend. I swear watching the two of them play together melts this mama's heart into a bazillion little pieces. She loves holding her baby brother. She'll climb up onto the couch and make noises and pat her lap until you give her the baby. I love watching her grow and explore. And just like every other time I sit and write anything, I'll say it again, but time is just going by way to damn fast.

William is Three Months!

As time continues to pass on by I wanted to share some sweet pics of this sweet little boy. The last three months have been so much fun as a family of FIVE!! So crazy!! I feel like we have found our new normal, I am still tired as all get out but we're figuring it out. So as William isn't quite sleeping through the night he is usually only waking up once - and if I'm lucky I can fall back asleep for a little while before the big kids wake up.
He is beyond ticklish! You touch him and he pretty much laughs. He's a happy little guy and doesn't complain much. He is wearing nine month clothes and everyone is shocked when I tell them he is only three(ish) months. He has a four month well check next week and if its anything like his last Drs appointment he'll be in the 90th percentiles.