William is Three Months!

As time continues to pass on by I wanted to share some sweet pics of this sweet little boy. The last three months have been so much fun as a family of FIVE!! So crazy!! I feel like we have found our new normal, I am still tired as all get out but we're figuring it out. So as William isn't quite sleeping through the night he is usually only waking up once - and if I'm lucky I can fall back asleep for a little while before the big kids wake up.
He is beyond ticklish! You touch him and he pretty much laughs. He's a happy little guy and doesn't complain much. He is wearing nine month clothes and everyone is shocked when I tell them he is only three(ish) months. He has a four month well check next week and if its anything like his last Drs appointment he'll be in the 90th percentiles.

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