Coming Into the Third Trimester

That whole cute idea I had, the one with the weekly chalk boards (of which I think I nailed every week with Landon's pregnancy and came in strong with Odessa's pregnancy given I was sick the whole) has completely gone by the wayside. I have no idea where my time goes. Some of these days with a three and a half year old and a week shy of a one year old seem like bedtime will never come. But the weeks, the months, and now the year have flown by.
I can't even say we're busy with anything exciting. Just busy with keeping those precious being out of danger and keeping smiles on their faces. They can drive me crazy but I sure do love them!!
I feel like I blinked and am coming into the third trimester. This pregnancy hasn't been as easy as Landon's but has been SO much better than Odessa's. I don't feel sick as long as I remember to take my diclegis. I am tired but still manage to get through the day on a whopping one serving of caffeine... amazing! I miss my wine like crazy but soon enough I'll be partaking in wine drinking obsession soon enough. 
So much is happening in the next couple of weeks/months. Odessa will be ONE in ONE week!!! WHAT?!?! I'm pretty sure I had her like four months ago. The party is just about done being prepped for and I can't wait to share pictures from her day!
And I promise I'll try and post as many updates as I can in these last few months before we are officially a family of five!

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