Meet Odessa!!

Life has been so crazy since our baby girl arrived! A couple of days after bringing Odessa home Landon got the flu. Then a couple days later Odessa got sick. After a week of seeing our pediatrician every day (yes EVERY DAY) and being on the fence on wether to admit her or not, she is improving and we seemed to have made it through the bugs. Nonetheless, we have been living in baby bliss and are loving every second!

Fun facts about Delivery Day:

I kid you not, I think I was in labor for a week. I had contractions that were perfectly consistent but not painful enough. I had painful contractions, but then they weren't consistent. It was brutal! 

Odessa was born on her due date, just like Landon!

We checked into the hospital right around 7am.

Shortly after arriving I had a visit from the anesthesiologist. I was numb as all get out and didn't feel a thing! Thank you epidural!

Turns out Odessa wasn't perfectly lined up to come out (this might have been why I was walking around at 5cm for a week with nothing). As soon as my Doctor rotated her slightly she literally came right out. No joke - I think I pushed twice and she was here!

My husband never left my side - except when it was time to go get Landon and introduce him to his baby sister. Didn't think it was possible to love him any more than I already did, but I do. Watching him with Odessa and Landon is purely magical!

Landon was the first one (except myself and Billy) to hold Odessa. He loves her! Loves to hold her! Loves to kiss her! And has become a real life baby monitor ;) "Mama, baby sister is hungry." "Daddy, go check baby sister." It's the cutest!

Eva, who is not only an amazing photographer but also one of the sweetest people I know, was in the room to capture the day, the birth and all the introductions to the family.

My delivery went so well, I got the go ahead from my Doctor to go home the very next day.

Odessa's pediatrician also cleared us to go home the very next day! Only a little over 24 hours spent in the hospital after she was born!

All in all it was a whirlwind and still is! I can't believe it has been three weeks already!

Photo's from the Birth Story and Newborn Session soon!

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