Third Trimester!

Hello Third Trimester!

Still can't believe how fast the time is flying. When I was pregnant with Landon it seemed like the third trimester went by the fastest until I hit 35/36 weeks then time stood still! Things have been crazy busy here here the last few days. Landon is officially in a toddler bed as he mastered the art of jumping out of his crib. We are two days in and each day is getting easier so hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be the new normal... this mama needs her sleep (pardon the dark circle and bags under my eyes). There are a lot of fun things ahead this week... pumpkin activities, trick or treating, watching the World Series (GO GIANTS!!!!) and my mom is coming into town to spend some time with us! I am so excited to start working on the nursery and other fun projects for baby girl!!

How far along? 28 Weeks

Weight gain: 12 lbs

Sleep: Not the last couple of nights :(

Maternity clothes: Yeah, yep and yes.

Best moment this week: Seeing baby girl via 4D ultrasound! I LOVE seeing her!!!

Movement: Like crazy!!!

Food cravings: Not really, but I've been really hungry lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Labor signs: Nope

Stretch Marks? Not a one. Belly butter, balm and lotion at least once a day!

Belly button in or out? Still in.

Happy or Moody? I'm happy. I feel good and am enjoying the last couple of months with my little guy being the only child.

Looking forward to: Watching the World Series, having friends over and visiting with my mom :)

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